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Exhaust systems - Model specific exhaust systems

Exhaust systems

Are you looking for an exhaust system for your car? You have come to the right place. in this category we list all the exhaust systems that we can offer. You can easily use the filter function below to see what systems are suitable for your car. We have over 500 model specific exhaust systems as well as performance exhaust systems and ship globally around the world. In addition we are one of few retailers that keep a large quantity of systems in stock, this allows us to deliver it to you quickly.

Switching to a performance system will give your car a significally more satisfying sound as well as better overall performance. We can offer you a variety of exhaust systems from well established brands such as, Simons, Scorpion Exhausts, and Fox Exhaust Systems.

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Exhaust Systems
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Exhaust systems - Frequently asked questions and answers

Why should I get a new exhaust system?

You may need a new exhaust system, or parts for a new exhaust system, if something has broken. You can also get a new exhaust system for better performance, or a richer sound. For example, a new and larger downpipe can give a power boost, and the catback gives a cooler sound without affecting exhaust purity. So a new exhaust system means more OUMPH.

What does half or full/complete kit mean?

A full kit, or complete kit as it is also called, is a complete exhaust system. Everything is included!

A half kit is a non-complete kit. It usually includes the parts that wear the most, such as silencers.

What is a catback?

Catback gets its name from the word "catalytic converter". It extends all the way to the catalytic converter. You get a different sound, as well as a power boost. Exhaust purification is not affected, which makes catback work well in street cars.

What is a downpipe?

The downpipe, or front pipe, is the turbo's exhaust pipe. A larger downpipe gives better flow than a smaller one, which can cause power losses.

Which material is the best?

Virtually all our exhaust systems are made from either stainless steel or chromed steel. Steel is easy to weld, process and cold-form. Stainless steel versions are slightly more expensive because they are better at withstanding rain and debris.

How much does an exhaust system cost?

The price depends on what you're getting! We have many different products, in many different price ranges.

Are there exhaust systems for my car?

Probably! Search or filter higher up on the page. Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact our customer service and we'll help you.

Where are your exhaust systems made?

Our exhaust systems are manufactured in Sweden, Germany, the UK and other countries.

What brands do you have?

We offer products from Simons, Scorpion Exhausts and Fox Exhaust Systems, among others.


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